An app to motivate your kids in self-improving

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Set goals for your kids

Give your kids some goals to motivate them: a goal is a small award and can be an ice cream, a new ball, whatever…

Set good and bad actions

Set some good or bad actions that your kids can do to earn points (room cleaning, clearing table, …) or lose them (dirty wording, bad school results, …).

The game begins

Your kids will be motivated to fulfill good actions and avoid bad ones to reach their goal.

Action after action, goal after goal, you’ll discover that your kids are becoming more responsible and careful.

You can also set the same goal for more kids, so that the success of one will be the success of all and your kids will motivate each other.

With a simple and lean interface we hope that CoolKids will make the education of your kids a little more funny and that the app will become an useful tool for your fundamental role of educator.

Get it on Google Play